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Cinematography Gallery


Let's play your memories!

Two imaginative storytellers, one film director and tree ambitious cameramen with their high tech filming equipment are ready and full of enthusiasm to produce your tailor-made directed Cinematic Wedding Film.

If you feel that you are one of our soul-aligned couples with a remarkable love story and you want to become the star of your lifetime movie, we are excited to meeting you!


Enjoy the Stillness

When Dreams Come True

Konstantinos & Zoi's amazing Wedding Short Film

Wanna Be Yours

Chris & Georgina's amazing Wedding Short Film

Eternal Bond

John & Giota's amazing Wedding Short Film

Heaven & Earth

An extraordinary wedding in amazing locations: Chalkis and Meteora

Christos & Giolanda's amazing Wedding Short Film

Love is a Promise

Because Love is not an Emotion. Love is.... a Promise!

Gregory & Emma's amazing Wedding Short Film

Summer Tale

Nikos and Maria's wedding is a real Summer Tale, which they lived with their friends and loved ones. It all started with the surprising wedding proposal and the wonderful yacht ride in the Saronic waters. The preparations for the Big Day were made with lots of love and enthusiasm offering a stunning wedding ceremony. The evening culminated with the couple's spectacular entrance into the reception area and the wild party that lasted until the next morning.

A Dream Within A Dream

A stone mansion, a pebble beach, a love poem, a fairy-tale wedding and a romantic tango are the ingredients that compose The Dream Within A Dream, the short film of Cult Pics with Alex & Anna Maria.

How else can you narrate with images, sounds and music the mythic reality that emerges when you dream within a dream? How else can you glorify such a strong love between two human beings?

Laughing Hearts

Tasos and Maria know the exact secret of happiness! They are two lovely human beings who are always laughing and enjoying every moment of their lives. Their wedding had exactly the same treatment: They had fun, laughed, were happy on this unique day of their official union!

The Story Goes On

Rossana and George trusted CULT PICS in its first steps in wedding film coverage. The couple have enjoyed their wedding film in multiple private screenings where they, together with their loved ones, relived their wonderful love story.  But their story does not end here. Rossana and George gave birth to a beautiful little girl, Anastasia. The baby's christening continues the cinematic capture of the couple's story in the sweetest way!

When I Close My Eyes

Close your eyes for a few minutes and reminisce about the happiest day of your life. Listen to your heart beating loudly. Feel every cell of your body flood with joy. Feel the endless smile that forms on your face. Open your eyes and keep all these exciting emotions. Then just …let the magic begin!

The magical feeling of absolute happiness is revived by Lena every time she closes her eyes and reminisces about the wonderful day of her wedding to Agapios.

The Vows

The vows of love exchanged by Spyros and Fotini not only show the passion and respect they have for each other, but also create an important promise for the future: “For better or for worse”… “I will love you completely as I do today, in our wedding day!”

Agali's Mysteries

Love is the astrolabe of God’s mysteries.

Love guides lovers, and, in the end, love leads us beyond…

Be a rider of true love, and fear not the way, for love’s steed is swift of pace; And in a single bound it brings us home, though the road be rocky and uneven.

Sunset on the Lake

The sun sets on the lake. A teenage love is transformed into deep love, sealed with eternal bands.

George carries Alexandra’s heart with him. He carries it in his heart.

Inspired by the poem-hymn to love of E.E. Cummings, the creators of CULT PICS present an emotional wedding film. Keep feeling!

Dream Tango

Tango is a feeling that is danced!

George and Dorina opened themselves to a fulfilling tango experience by the sea, reviving their amazing wedding day. Watch the trailer of their amazing movie!

In The Paths Of The Heart

A woman in love follows the footsteps of her lover…

An amazing zeibekiko dance of the brother in honor of the couple…

A kiss that seals the eternal union…

This is the wedding of George and Yiota through the eyes of the creators of Cult Pics.

The Tree Of Love

“Touch your soul and follow the rough paths, rather than the easy ones.

The diamond is a piece of carbon that did well under pressure”.

The Tree of Love speaks to the hearts of the lovers!

Listen to it and try to achieve its wisdom!

A New Story Begins

An adventurous love story with a happy end!

“You are a galaxy of unknown stars! That’ s why I will never get tired of observing you!”, says Rossy to the man of her heart, George!


A Prayer For Love:

A Wedding Showreel dedicated to everyone who still believes in the Power of Love!


Wedding Show Reel inspired by the poem "Love's Philosophy" by Percy Shelley.

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